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NFTs are a revolutionary new technological advancement that is redefining the way we think about art, music, and media. Completely unique and impossible to reproduce, NFTs are hugely valuable assets that are being sold for millions of dollars and making headlines across the globe. At first, the concept may seem difficult to understand, but the reality is much simpler: read on for our comprehensive guide, and learn about how MN2S can create, market, and sell your NFTs.

Our Process

Describe your project idea

We need to know what’s on your mind when it comes to the base character and the traits, we can even help you find the best idea ever!

We create the base character/object

You’ll get your base character designed, don’t like it? No problem you have unlimited revisions! Until you’re 100% satisfied with the design

We then design the traits

We will show you samples of the traits

Generating the collection and delivering

We will deliver the order!

Who we are

Opensea (Most popular NFT marketplace) visitors have increased from 7.6 million in July 2021 to 60.6 million in October 2021 so it is pretty obvious that now you’re at the exact right timing to get on this train!

At we connect talent, brands and businesses, we create nft arts which are popular right now.  We can help you create the best and popular nft for you to make money! With the help of our service you can make a lot of money selling nft on the markets such as opensea and many more!

If you are here you already know what are NFTs and must also know how much popularity they gained lately especially after the artist known as beeple sold his digital art for $ 69M and now Pixel art style Cryptopunks recently sold just 1 NFT for 124 457 eth which equals to $565M and this is just the beginning…

Pricing Table


$ 200
One Time Fee
  • 1 Trait/Accessory
  • 1 Variation
  • 1 Base Artwork
  • 4 Days Delivery
  • 1 Revision


$ 1950
One TIme Fee
  • 70 Traits/Accessories
  • 1,000 Variations
  • Metadata
  • Collection Generation
  • Background/Scene
  • 21 Days Delivery
  • 2 Revisions
New Deal!


$ 2995
One Time Fee
  • 150 Traits/Accessories
  • 10,000 Variations
  • Metadata
  • Collection Generation
  • Background/Scene
  • 30 Days Delivery
  • 2 Revisions

What They Say

"The is the best agency, i have been working with! Special thanks to their support, no words can describe my satisfaction!"
Sam Peterson






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